Sunday, June 8, 2008

Garden Prototype Progress (1)

After over a month's work, it is nice to see some veggies growing.
(1) There have been germination issues with some of the seeds.
(a)Only 2 out of 6 carving pumpkin seeds sprouted.
(b)Only 2 out of 6 onion seeds sprouted
(c)No success with spinach, pie pumpkin & parsley
(2) There were couple of stray animal attacks in the first few
weeks and that ruined the first set of transplanted carrot and chili
pepper. A cage type was structure was built to reduce animal attacks.
Ever since the caging, there has been no animal attacks.

This just the beginning. This is a prototype garden. There is long
way to go in order to achieve food self sufficient.

Yes, thats lettuce at the center!

The pumpkins are growing fast and I need to build a structure to support their vines.

1 comment:

p.a.turner said...

your plants look just beautiful. So green and healthy!
good luck with your garden!