Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home made bread is ready

Yes, home made bread is ready and it is ready to be sliced. It smells great! The recipe is at

Home made bread

Home made bread
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This is a simple recipe to make two loaves of home made bread.

(1) 8 cups of flour
(2) 2 teaspoon yeast
(3) 2 teaspoon baking powder
(4) 2 teaspoon salt
(5) Cooking Spray

Bread Pan Size: 9.25" X 5.25"

1) Add the ingredients and 8 cups of water.
2) My son helps me mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon
3) Let the mixture sit for an hour. The picture is taken after and hour of mixing the ingredients. The mixture rises.
4) Grease the inside of the bread pans with either butter or cooking spray and pour the mixture in bread pans
5) Bake at 450F in oven for 45 minutes

Home made bread is ready to be sliced!

Closed Wolf Camera store

I went to my nearest mall today. The wolf camera store has no items on the shelves. This is one of the Wolf camera stores which was closed last month as the parent company Ritz Camera Centers Inc went bankrupt.

Headphone cable repair

Last year my son used a pair of scissors to cut cable of my Bose over the ear headphones. These are good quality and expensive headphones . They were $100 when I bought them.

Today evening. I started my repair session with a set of soldering iron and solder. Very soon I realized there are four cables. Two for left and tow for right ear. One pair is green and bronze, the other pair is red and bronze. A simple multi-meter connectivity test failed for these cables.

Each cable is a very thin twisted wire with a non-metallic thread at the core. The failure of connectivity test meant that there is some kind of lacquer/paint covering the thing twisted wires. I used my flat tip soldering iron with a little bit of solder to melt the paint and also create a soldering connection with the wires.

I repeated this step for all eight cables coming from two broken ends. This time multi-meter connectivity test passed. The multi-meter connectivity test was performed on the connector end of the broken set. This proves that the hot solder was able to melt the paint and also create an electrical connection with the wires.

I took the same colored cables from both broken ends and soldered them. I tested the ear-phone with my iPod. It was working!. Finally I used black electrical tape to seal the soldered ends.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tomato and Cilantro

Tomato and Cilantro
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I spent last couple of weekends to move some of the tomato and cilantro sprouts to slightly bigger containers.

This year there is no money to buy clay pots so I'm using plastic cup as container.


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I planted potato last year in the same container. The plant died last year from bug attack. I think some of the roots from last year survived and when the temperature was right this year, it started growing.

Lesson learned: Potato can survive under ground during winter and grow during summer

Green Shoots

Green Shoots
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Very successful sprouting of onion and chili pepper seeds. Over 90% success rate. Never had this kind of success rate in past.

The seeds were planted by my wife so credit goes to my wife.

Left half is chili pepper and right half is onion.

I may not have enough space to grow these plants to full maturity. I have to check with my friends if they are interested in taking some of these sprouts.

By the way, these are real green shoots and not the fake green shoots that financial media is talking about these days.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomato Sprouts

Tomato Sprouts
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I bought these tomato seeds with pellets at the end of the gardening season last year at 50% discount. This is the third weeks since they were planted in the pellets. I'm satisfied with their growth so far. This is the first time I have used seeds from previous year. This is a good money saving idea.

We are also collecting all the egg shells from the eggs we eat. I grounded the egg shells we have collected so far. Finely powdered egg shells is going to be a good source of calcium for tomato plants this year. Slightly bigger chunks of egg shells will be used as slug deterrent .