Sunday, May 17, 2009

Headphone cable repair

Last year my son used a pair of scissors to cut cable of my Bose over the ear headphones. These are good quality and expensive headphones . They were $100 when I bought them.

Today evening. I started my repair session with a set of soldering iron and solder. Very soon I realized there are four cables. Two for left and tow for right ear. One pair is green and bronze, the other pair is red and bronze. A simple multi-meter connectivity test failed for these cables.

Each cable is a very thin twisted wire with a non-metallic thread at the core. The failure of connectivity test meant that there is some kind of lacquer/paint covering the thing twisted wires. I used my flat tip soldering iron with a little bit of solder to melt the paint and also create a soldering connection with the wires.

I repeated this step for all eight cables coming from two broken ends. This time multi-meter connectivity test passed. The multi-meter connectivity test was performed on the connector end of the broken set. This proves that the hot solder was able to melt the paint and also create an electrical connection with the wires.

I took the same colored cables from both broken ends and soldered them. I tested the ear-phone with my iPod. It was working!. Finally I used black electrical tape to seal the soldered ends.


Rex said...

Awesome, thanks for the guide. A year ago, my pair of sony's broke, its the best pair of headphones i've ever had. I never thought solder would fix it lol!

gnyrfta said...

Thanks, just managed to fix my headphones thanks to you!

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