Sunday, August 9, 2009

Resizing the length of machine screws

The 25 mm long M4X0.7 finally arrived this week.

Here are the steps to re-size the screws to 20 mm length:

Step 1: Cut router plate screws to proper length

Step 1a: Gather up the necessary tools and materials
(i) Vice
(ii) Hacksaw
(iii)Marker pen
(v)Foot rule

Step 1b: Measure the length of the Router plate screw needed.

Step 1c: Mark a circle on the screw where it needs to be cut.

Step 1d: Setup the screw in a vice to cut it to proper length

Step 1e: Cut the screws with hacksaw

Step 1f: Measure the length of the cut screws and file the bottom

Step 1g: Test the screws on router

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