Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weight Loss and Staying Healthy

Maybe this topic is a little detour from the goal of this blog. A closer look at the topic may change your opinion.

Please allow me to make my case.
  • In a world of diminishing resources, it would become very difficult to manufacture anti-biotics.
  • Obesity leads to large number of health issues. This is very well documented in the medical world.
  • Staying healthy is one of the very important self sufficiency missions.
Earlier this year, I started with the goal of losing 20% weight to bring my weight to the normal level. I started running on weekdays at the gym for 30 minutes. As time progressed, I increased my running speed gradually. After loss of 10% weight, I started controlling my portion size.

I'm very happy to say that I met my target by end of the year. Now I have to maintain my weight at the current level. I plan to continue to run daily.

Someday, if we are hunting and are not fast enough then we may not have our next meal :)

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