Friday, March 11, 2011

Unlock Sony e-book reader PRS-500

When I reached home this evening, I found out that my younger son has turned on the lock feature of the Sony e-book reader. No one in my household knew the four digit code to unlock the device. This device is exclusively used in our household to store cooking recipes.

In a world loaded with processed food, cooking recipes play a vital role in our self-sufficiency goals.

Steps to unlock the device:
(1)Hold the reset button at the back of the device for more than 3 seconds.
(2)Slide the power switch to on position. The device will display 'Starting up'
(3) As the device is showing 'Starting up', press the + Volume button and the Mark button simultaneously. The Mark button is located at the bottom of the device near the big fat page circular button. The volume button is on the side.
(4) The device will ask you, if you are ok with deleting all the files. Press the '5' button to say Yes.
(5) All files get deleted from the device. Restart the device by sliding the power switch to on position.
(6) Plugin the USB cable to your computer to copy all files back to the device.

This task took about 5 minutes and all recipes are back on the e-book reader and ready for use!

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