Sunday, February 2, 2014

Build your own mobile drill press stand using Rockler hardware

The last stand for my drill press costed me $45 (back in 2008) but it was flimsy. You can see the old stand from one of the youtube videos I made back in 2009. My drill press has been sitting on the floor without a stand for last several years.

This year, I'm on a mission to improve my garage and increase garage productivity. My previous post on the shop light installation was a step in the direction of garage improvement. The drill press needed a stand badly.

I started this project back in early November 2013 when I ordered hardware from Several of the items I ordered were backordered. These must be on high demand. This is the Rocker hardware cost:

32" Shop Stand Legs, Set of 4
Item # 60749
18" Stand Stretchers, Set of 4
Item # 60757
24" Stand Stretchers, Set of 4
Item # 60764
Discount (4C999):-$5.00
Grand Total:$147.96

I also bought the following items 
  • 8 feet of   2X10  board - $7
  • Mounting hardware    - $10
  • Mobile Base               - $45
  • Paint                           - $3
The total cost of the stand was nearly $215. It maybe on the expensive side but its worth it as:
  1. It is sturdy. This will last me for years to come unlike the last stand.
  2. There are options to attach drawer hardware later. This option will increase garage efficiency further in future.
  3. The stand sits on a mobile base. The mobile base will allow me to move the drill press and the storage underneath it (that will be a future project) to the desired work location in the garage. My garage is small and having power tools on mobile bases is a huge blessing.

Here are the steps of this build:
(1) Assemble stand hardware from
(2) Built the stand (table) top using 2X10 lumber.
(3) Assemble the mobile base

Out of the above, #1 and #3 are simple and you have to follow the instructions that come with the package.

Steps to Built the stand (table) top using 2X10 lumber:
  1. We want the stand (table) top to be nearly flush with the stand. Cut the 2X10 into 24 1/2" long boards. 
  2. Joint the cut boards using a router table with jointing option or a hand-held jointer or jointer.  Jointing creates a straight edge which is perpendicular to the flat board face. I use 1/32" adjustment on my Kreg router table. Two straight edge is necessary to have a good glue up.  
  3. Glue the edge of the boards.
  4. Attach wooden support for extra stability of the top.
  5. Round the board edge using 5/16" round over router bit.
  6. Sand the top and sides using 80, 150 and 220 grit sand paper successively
  7. Clean the dust 
  8. Apply a coat of finish and let it dry
  9. Attach the top using #10 screw and 6mm washers to the stand.
Here is video which explains the above steps:

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