Sunday, February 9, 2014

Home Improvement - Installing Shelving in a closet

Lets explore ways to make a closet more efficient by adding shelving. This kind of shelving is perfect for families with growing kids. You can add more shelves as you need or change the gap between the shelves.

Hardware Used:
  1. 48" Double Track  - 2 
  2. Double Track Hardware Kit - 2
  3. 9" wide double track bracket - 6
  4. 1/2" Thick, 1' Wide, 6' foot wooden boards

Step 1: Find the studs with a stud finder
Step 2: Use blue masking tape to mark on the stud
Step 3: Install strips
Step 4: Cut board to size
Step 5: Cut notches on the board
Step 6: Mark the board for the hardware
               (Use L bracket and mark with pencil)
Step 7: Screw L bracket on the board 

Step 8: Hang the board with L bracket installed

Here is the YouTube video I posted couple of years ago:

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