Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garden: Plant Protection

That is picture of chili pepper leaf nibbled by bird

40 in. X 25 ft Garden Fence

Cable Ties (500)

Last week I had a bad experience of freshly sprouted chili pepper plants nibbled by birds. The birds also pecked the soil in the pot. They must be looking for worms. I had to do something to prevent future mishaps like this one.

I went to the local hardware stores "Home Depot" and Lowe's today and bought a bunch of stuff to give some protection to my plants from birds:

Code Item Cost(US$)
215893 1-1/2"X1 - 1/2"-1FT (14GA) 15.88

Home Depot

Code Item Cost
030699182206 Zinc Plated Slotted Angle 3' 31.92
099713032064 40 in. X 25 ft Garden Fence 8.88
728494139302 Cable Ties (500) 6.97
030699032211 5/16 1" Bolts (3/pack) 3.92
030699075546 5/16 Hex Nuts 3.38
030699076642 5/16 Washers 3.60

Total Before Taxes $74.55

I prefer metal slotted angles for frames:

(1) Results in a sturdy structure
(2) Faster to assemble and disassemble
(3) Metal is a good investment against
a falling US$

Cons: High initial cost

Final Assembled Product: Plant Protector (Hopefully this will work)


samkr said...

(3) Metal is a good investment against a falling US$

>> Do you plan on selling this metal later on when you have no use for it?

future said...

I do not plan on selling this metal but if I want to buy a few years from now, it will cost me more in US$. It is better to buy some useful items than keeping money in the bank.