Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little Giant MegaLite Aluminum Ladder

I bought two of these ladders from Costco today.
The cost of ladder is $200.

Why buy Ladder?
(1) They are useful tool around home, workshop
and farm
(2) The cost of aluminum commodity has gone up in last several years and it will continue to go up in near future. Aloca (AA) last quarter was not that good as they lost their margins on higher price of aluminum. US$ will continue to get weaker and it is better to invest in hard assets than keeping US$ in bank. The spot price of Aluminum today is 1.3/lbs Just the aluminum in these ladders is worth $40
(3) I will debit $400 from anticipated stimulus check

* Meets or exceeds all of OSHA & ANSI standards
* Heavy-duty construction
* Slip-resistant rubber feet
* 1.12" square rungs for better foot comfort and more stability
* Folds to a compact size for storage and portability
* Maximum capacity: 300 lbs.
* Extension Height: 15'
* Storage height: 4’ 7”
* Step ladder height: 4' – 7’
* Scaffold height 4'
* Weight: 31 lbs.

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